Freedom Interactive Television Networks Association, Incorporated as a 501(c)3 in Kansas

We Will -- All of Us -- Be Heard!​​

Freedom Interactived TV has everything you expect and what you went looking for with Talk Radio, the Internet, and Protest-Petition activism.  Think Real Solutions.

​Whoever said it was impossible for the people to be heard?  
Who said TV was just for entertainment or one-way propaganda?  Not any more.  Substitute the image of the largest Town Hall Forum imaginable.  Freedom Interactive TV is the long-needed tool for justice, prosperity, a renewed Earth & bring all people together by letting all people speak. 
Are you ready to:

Listen, speak, consider, dialog and connect your personal media with mass media? 

Share ideas, express reservations, experience insights, explore the possible, laugh from the gut, cry deep from your heart, learn from each other, improve half-baked ideas to fully functional - learn from the experience.    

From real communication, respect is nurtured; trust is built, and the world changes.

That is what we mean by Interactive TV.  Join us so Peace, Prosperity & Freedom​ can happen!
​​​  Talk back using our Phone APP or websites.

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Are You Ready?

...for a real Presidential Debate on problems those in power cannot, or will not solve?

Step One - There are over 400 candidates today for President.  How many have the Main Stream Media covered?  Everyone needs a voice and a vote

Sign up and be heard.  The audience can ask the questions and weigh in wh with at they think by voting in real time.  No more filters through the MSM.

Step Two - Demand REAL solutions to every problem. 

How about ending the Mortgage Crisis? 

Get  affordable health care Finansurance which finances pre-existing conditions? 

Get sustainable homes you can afford and keep without fear of repossession?

Rebuild America's failing infrastructure with proven longer lasting, more economical  materials.

Renew America with a Sustainable Human Economy (SHE).

Make peace with the world? Defense which is not offensive. 

Open America's arms to refugees without any government money spent?

And do this by solving the problem of homelessness.  Today 62% of all Americans are  2 - 6 months from homelessness. 

These problems can be solved and you can make it happen - join us for the Launch!

Did it strike you as odd when they bailed out the banks and left people to starve? 
Real solutions are anchored in facts, not disinformation and hype.  

Housing the American Dream

Interactive TV on Seventeen New Networks

News - Commentary - Reality Shows - Docudramas - Reality Shows -
Adventures for All Ages - Unexpected Answers for Everyone. 
   Homeless in America                  PACT - People ACT                    Percentages As You Earn
     How We End Homlessness                 Reverse Pollution, Enforce Accountability                                Secure our economy- 
                                                                                                                                                              end corporate manipulation  
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Asteroid Defense
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American Referendum

En-Titled Elites?

No Mo' Repo

Follow shows in development, hear from their directors, producers and crews on what it is like to be working together on the future of Television with Interactive Technologies. 

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